Feeling Sentimental – Memorialising a first home

This is the home where memories were made,

Where grown-ups worked and children played,

Where love between two, became three and four,

Where a normal life, became so much more.


First steps, first words, first “I love you’s”

First potties, first giggles, first toddler shoes,

Sleepless nights, tantrums and tears,

Our good times and bad, our hopes and fears.


Bread was kneaded and cakes were made,

On a mountain of love a foundation was laid,

For a little family of two-plus-two,

To cultivate love that only grew.


The rooms are now empty and we move along,

To fill a new home with laughter and song,

With hearts filled with hope, our memories won’t fade,

Of our first little home, where memories were made.





Constructing a Poem with Memories

When we moved house this year, is struck me how emotional I became.

Now logically, a house is an inanimate object. Why get upset about an inanimate object? Why cry? Why become overwhelmed?

When we moved into our flat in 2012, it was a big deal. A nice two bedroom place, big enough for the three of us. When I fell pregnant, we searched for a bigger place for 18 months before finding anything that we could nab before anyone else did. So we moved, for the first time in four years, to a house.


Now to me, this was absolute HEAVEN. I haven’t lived in a proper house in so long…now we have two kids, a garden, three bedrooms, and we walked into a home with a blank canvas. We’ve made it for us (although it’s rented we were given permission to do so), and now we sit, on the cusp of Yule and the Gregorian New Year, having already celebrated Samhain and Guy Fawkes night; and I can honestly say I am content. (Cue being bit on the arse, of course)

However, I still felt an attachment to our old place. I mean, I went into labour twice in that home. I taught myself to bake in there, I had my beautiful bearded dragon, Myles (who sadly passed away this year); my baby girl cut her first tooth and crawled and walked all on the floors in that tiny flat. I loved that flat, even if I despised my neighbours.

With all these memories attached to the rooms…I found it difficult to let go. I was involved with every room as we moved our things out. I cleaned every room, and mentally recorded every special thing that happened in each one. As I did this, I had words jumping in my head.

I am by no means a poet. I did write poetry in my younger years. It wasn’t very good. And while I like what I wrote when we moved home, its because its special to me. Its my expression of sadness to say goodbye to the memories in the old place.

But it is also a positive piece, hopeful and looking forward to the challenges and the future memories we can create here.

We’ve already made some pretty special ones already.

A Long Hiatus…

Is anyone still out there?

If there is; thank you for waiting for me!

Back to my last post, several months ago, exciting times ahead. The main thing was that we were moving house, and we finally are now settled, all repairs and decorating has been finished, and unfortunately everything else fell by the wayside.

Other exciting news that I meant to update you all with was that I have finally began to work towards that Degree I’ve been promising myself. It’s through the Open University, and I am studying two modules concurrently, which is ridiculously exciting for me. I am loving every second. Had my first assignment returned with a very positive score so I am excited to be learning!

The other news, for me, is that in the past few months (during my prolonged absence and ridiculous disregard for my followers – sorry!) I have had flash fiction accepted for publication through an independent publisher!

You may have seen me “press” a few things from Three Drops from a Cauldron or Three Drops Press. My first piece of work was published in an anthology last month (inks to follow) and my second piece is due out in the next couple of weeks.

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this, and I sincerely hope that the readers enjoy what I have written as much as some of the other more seasoned writers that are involved with the collection 🙂

So with that all said, I bid thee adieu. lease support us fledgling writers and independent publishers by following the link and purchasing the anthology. You will also find a range of other titles available and I promise, you will not be disappointed by the material!