Welcome To My World!


Welcome to me I guess! My name is Caroline (Cass to those who know me very well), I am a 30 year old mother of two, married and have some unfinished writing business that I want to finish.

So on May 25th 2015, almost six months after New Year and my to do list I get round to starting up this blog. It’s purpose isn’t really for entertainment, but a way to motivate me to write a little, or a lot.

Historically, I have written for as long as I can remember and started seriously writing when I was 17. But life got in the way. That’s mummy code for I had an arsehole BF who wasn’t supportive and I let it slip by the wayside. I never finished what I started.

In April 2015 I enrolled in a creative writing class which was very encouraging. The blog idea came a little later.I hope that everyone – if anyone – who reads this, will enjoy what I put up here.

In the meantime, trying to get back into a decent habit now that my son is older and I am continuing to write, observe and enter competitions and submit to magazines to see how far I can get.

Happy reading folks!