Is it Persuasive?

So the first week of the New Year is definitely over and the following weeks and months are stretched out like a blank canvas over a frame…

So for January, I am reading Persuasion by Jane Austen. I am easing into it this year as it has dawned on me that I have at least 30 books between my bookshelf and on my Kindle that have slowly been building up.

Also, anyone who follows Modern Mrs Darcy will have seen the reading challenge lists she has presented us with this year. I have made my own, a sort of amalgamation of them all. At the moment, my current unread list stands at 36….but I have another thirty to add to that, so I guess the goal is to read at least one book a week.

If anyone would be interested in the MMD Reading Challenge, check out the blog and website at She also updates you with Kindle Deals (these are US only but usually, if they are on special in the USA they are similarly priced in the UK) and various book related news. There is also a great article posted up recently abut bullet journaling for book lovers; super helpful if you are into bullet journaling (I certainly am!)


Robert Burns

As many people may know, January 25th is Burn’s Night here in Scotland. It is where we celebrate the life and works of our national bard, and partake in the traditional Burn’s Supper of haggis, neeps and tatties. I highly recommend reading at least some of his work in its original form using the Scottish dialect. It’s hard to understand but it’s fascinating to see the language in action!

Looking Ahead…

February’s main reading material will be “When Breath Becomes Air”. This has been on my “to read” list for around a year now and I finally ordered a copy. Catch y’all in February…


Feeling Sentimental – Memorialising a first home

This is the home where memories were made,

Where grown-ups worked and children played,

Where love between two, became three and four,

Where a normal life, became so much more.


First steps, first words, first “I love you’s”

First potties, first giggles, first toddler shoes,

Sleepless nights, tantrums and tears,

Our good times and bad, our hopes and fears.


Bread was kneaded and cakes were made,

On a mountain of love a foundation was laid,

For a little family of two-plus-two,

To cultivate love that only grew.


The rooms are now empty and we move along,

To fill a new home with laughter and song,

With hearts filled with hope, our memories won’t fade,

Of our first little home, where memories were made.




The Academic

Prior to starting this blog, I enrolled in a creative writing evening class at Strathclyde University. This was to help keep me motivated, teach me some new techniques and build my confidence enough to share my writing.

That first instance of reading out what I wrote in the class, even just in front of 10-14 people was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I was proud to have a chance to finally share what I was doing and I wasn’t paranoid or terrified – I was like a toddler being praised for the first time and it lit me up from the inside.

The last workshop (June 3rd 2015) was the submission of our final piece of work. A 1200 word work of fiction, that was to be read out by the class members who did not read out their first submitted assignment.

This time was different. This time, I was nervous. I couldn’t focus and all I wanted was to read it out and get it over with, but it was without the innocent joy the other little snippets of stories brought. This was a big deal, I had worked so hard on this, I was immensely proud – so proud, I shared it with several people and not just one. The thought of reading it out and being judged harshly terrified me.

So the time came.I thankfully was the second person to read. And I read out loud, quicker than usual, stuttering and stumbling. And when I finished,the tutor asked the class for feedback.

The room was stony silent.

For like, 30 seconds. The longest 30 seconds of my life and then…everyone was complimentary. I was told how unique the story was, how interesting. Asked where the idea came from, where the language came from. And I got to explain some of it, but they GOT the idea, and the tutor understood the focus of the piece and the mythology.

The final feedback from my tutor was twofold – more gore and consider lengthening it to a novel.